Antenna World | GPS Solutions
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Custom and OEM GPS Antennas

Effective GPS Solutions

Quality is our top priority

Antenna World, Inc can design and manufacture GPS Antennas to your requirements. Low profile “hockey puck”, no ground plane quad-helix style or “shark fin” style combination antenna we are confident that we can fulfill your GPS antenna needs.

Custom Solutions

Superior Design

GPS antennas are available for almost any use or configuration. From the common small magnetic “puck” to almost any custom design a client would require.

Antenna patch elements are available in sizes from 11 to 30mm square for your custom application or telecom combination. Let us provide our low cost quotations for your requirements. Embedded or conformal designs, and quad-helix elements are within our capabilities. Lowest cost tooling and production controlled by rigorous quality control by actual antenna engineers assures quality levels of more expensive antennas.

Antenna World has successfully designed, consulted, implemented and delivered on thousands of wireless solutions across the entire spectrum. Including Satellite, GPS, Cellular, Marine, VHF/UHF, AM/FM, WiFi, Wi-Max and more!