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High grade coaxial cable assemblies cut to custom lengths and bulk reels.

High Grade

Buy In Bulk & Save

Antenna World offers a wide selection of premium US-made and premium imported cables. Including several versions of RG-174, RG-58, RG-8, AWC-100, AWC-195, AWC-200, AWC-240, AWC-400, AWC-400UF, AWC-400AL and AWC-600 equivalents. Some are available in white color jackets. These plus rigid and semi-rigid such as .086 and .141 as well as semi-flex styles. Plus the special use items such as RG-316 and RG-400, etc. All cables are characterized, examined, and tested using our antenna tech lab equipment. Only those meeting full spec. are sold here.

Cable Assemblies

20 Years Experience

We cut, roll and crimp all cable assemblies at our factory in Miami, FL. Our cable technicians have been working with coaxial cable assemblies for over 20 years guaranteeing the best possible assemblies are sold. We also rigorously test each cable before shipment to ensure your assembly agrees with our high quality standards.


Extensive Offerings

Because of our antenna manufacturing uses, we stock many types of coaxial cable, now also available for sale by itself in measured bundles or wooden reels of 1,000 to 3,000 feet each.

Available cables include RG-174, RG-174Ultra, RG-58U, RG-58A/U(superflex), RG-58Ultra, RG-58ultra/White, AWC-200, RG-8XUltra, RG-8Xultra/White, AWC-240, RG-8U and AWC-400. Check our specifications for more choices and information.

Additionally, due to our manufacturing process, we stock high quality, USA made cable assemblies that are available at excellent prices. Cable assemblies are made to customer specifications whether it is 1 or 100 or 1,000 and any length, type of cable or type of connector. Each cable is carefully hand assembled using the latest production equipment and each is tested before shipment.

Custom cables lead time can be from a few hours to a few days. A limited number of pupular cable assemblies are in inventory.

Antenna World has successfully designed, consulted, implemented and delivered on thousands of wireless solutions across the entire spectrum. Including Satellite, GPS, Cellular, Marine, VHF/UHF, AM/FM, WiFi, Wi-Max and more!