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High Quality Connectors

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Introducing new lower cost 1.0/2.3 type locking push-on pull-off connectors. Great for Lucent transceivers and others. NEW, AW style crimp connectors. Ready for distribution after hundreds of tests and usage reports. Crimp connectors with an extended rear ridged shoulder to permit fast and simple assembly (using our custom parts) which prevents pull off.

Reliability Matters

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All the connectors you need in one place. We carry a vast selection of coaxial connectors popular for industries like Cellular, Commercial, Wi-Fi, WiMax, TV, Amateur, GPS, Satellite Radio, and lab-testing. Stocking reverse polarity (RP) TNC and SMA for the routers, access points and modems; N types used on antennas, for almost any cable including RG-174, RG-58, RG-8X, AWC-100, AWC-195, AWC-240 and AWC-400.


Because of our antenna manufacturing uses, we stock many types of coaxial connectors and adapters, available separately at low low prices. Our connectors have to be good, after all a failed connector makes an antenna useless. Each is carefully designed and tested for RF as well as mechanical performance and durability. Many popular plus specialty and technical connector types are available


We typically have a vast selection of the connectors listed below available. You can click on the connector type to view our current inventory.

Antenna World has successfully designed, consulted, implemented and delivered on thousands of wireless solutions across the entire spectrum. Including Satellite, GPS, Cellular, Marine, VHF/UHF, AM/FM, WiFi, Wi-Max and more!